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If you are looking to consider new technologies, alternative energy sources, and greener environment, please give us a call as we specialize in such projects. We will help tailor a solution for you, which will fit your needs, with your available resources, and goals. You can always reach us at 1-888- 580-6889 or via e-mail at We are also on twitter, Facebook, linkedin, and Google+.

We believe that alternative energy vehicles and infrastructure is one of the fastest growing sectors in the fleet industry and will continue to grow 10 fold over the next 10-20 years. Many cities, countries, and manufacturers have announced all electric fleet in the next 5-10 years. We believe that this is a very conservative estimate.

Our team has dedicated specialists in data mining, data analysis, replacement criteria, alternative vehicles, alternative vehicle infrastructure, alternative energy platforms, forecasting and cost savings. We strive to be the best in our field, and have expertise that excels at this level.

We sincerely thank you for visiting our site, and hope that we can assist you in building a more efficient, greener, cleaner, fleet which will help reduce your spend and be friendlier to the environment.

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